Using OBS to stream to Hire A Broadcast

Open Broadcaster Software is a free open source software encoder for live streaming and recording from a variety of sources. It is trusted and used by many people around the world and is a good low budget alternative to other paid options.

You can get it from:

Once you have installed and launch OBS,  get started by setting up your encoding settings (make sure you have the Stream page open HAB (Hire A Broadcast) Streaming site Dashboard). Click 'Settings' in the main OBS window:

OBS Settings

  • Click 'Stream' from the left hand menu in the settings window.
  • Select 'Custom Streaming Server' from the 'Stream Type' dropdown menu.
  • In URL enter your Server URL from your HAB Stream page.
  • In Stream Key enter you Stream Name from your HAB Stream page.
  • Make sure Use Authentication is ticked and enter your Username and Password from your HAB Stream page. 

Next step is to setup your video settings, to do this click on Output on the left hand menu in the settings window and follow these steps:


  • Make sure 'Output Mode' is set to Advanced
  • Make sure the Streaming tab is selected.
  • Set 'Encoder' to x264
  • Set 'Rate Control' to CBR
  • Set 'Keyframe Interval' to 2 (seconds)
  • Leave the rest as default, if you would like to know more about these settings then check out the support section on the OBS website.
  • Click OK to close the settings dialog.

Now you are setup and ready to stream to your HAB site. The next step is to setup your camera and media sources in OBS. This can be done in the main OBS window and for more information follow the help on the OBS site here:

Happy Broadcasting!